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    Moonfest Music Festival

    Do you want to be part of History? Do you want to be in a Music Video? Well then Moonfest 2017 in Idaho Falls, Idaho is where you need to be. Come take part in the 2017 Solar Eclipse, which will happen directly over the site of Moonfest in Idaho Falls. Moonfest, features Camping, Food Vendors, Merchandise vendors, Hypnotist Show’s, Mechanical Bull Riding, DJ’s, and 25 of the top Bands. Gravity Pictures will be there all 4 days to film the entire event, as well as shooting music videos for each band. This is the event you won’t want to miss. Music will begin at 1:00 P.M on the 18th, 19th, 20th and Music starts at 10:00 on the 21st. This event is brought to you by X-Treme Productions.

    2017 MoonFest Line-up

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Festival rules provide guidelines to make the weekend safe and enjoyable for everyone. Attendees agree to these rules when they buy tickets to the event. We, as organizers of the event, will hold fans responsible for appropriate behavior during the Festival.

    Safety & Courtesy

    It’s just like you were told in grade school, no running. The only difference is we won’t make you walk to the end of the hall just to walk back. For the same reason, no ATVs, Golf Carts, or OHVs are permitted on Festival grounds.

    Don’t Be a Jerk

    Use safe and considerate behavior wherever possible. Everyone is here to have fun! You don’t have to be on your best church behavior, but act like your mom and grandma can see what you’re doing. Fighting, harassment, and drunken rowdy behavior won’t be tolerated.

    Tickets & Wristbands

    Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Wristbands will be mailed out prior to the festival. Leave your wristband on for the duration of the Festival, it is non-transferrable and replacements will not be provided.

    Vehicles & Parking

    General Parking is for day use. The only overnight Festival parking is at campsites. Every vehicle entering the Festival property must have a vehicle pass, there are no exceptions to this rule. Two motorcycles may park in one car space.

    Meet & Greet Passes

    Meet & Greet passes are not for sale. Throughout the year we offer opportunities for our fans to win these passes through contests on our Facebook page. “Like” our Facebook page for your chance to win. Occasionally, artists offer Meet ‘n’ Greet passes through their websites, newsletters and fan clubs. Check out your favorite Moonfest artist’s pages to see if there’s an opportunity waiting for you!


    What can I bring onto Festival grounds?


    Chairs are not provided in the VIP or General Admission seating areas. Fans must bring their own chair; carrying it in and out of the Festival grounds each night. Bring your standard height (no taller than 40 inches) foldable camp chair or small lawn chair. Bring the one you take with you camping!

    Recording Devices

    Digital and film cameras, disposable cameras are OK. SLR cameras, GoPros as well as all other cameras with a removable lens, are not permitted inside the Festival Gates.

    Personal Storage

    Medium size backpacks and fanny packs are okay. Please do not bring your coolers, wagons, wheelbarrows, or any other large storage units inside the Festival Gates. Please leave those at your camping site.


    All ages are welcome! Children age six and under are allowed in the general admission seating area for free. Children ages 7 and up must have a ticket. Children under 18 must have an adult or parent with them. Children age two and up must have a full-priced ticket for VIP areas. All Festival attendees seated in the VIP section must hold their own ticket.

    Stop by the Tag-A-Kid table located next to the KidZone and fill out a contact card for your child. We’ll make your child a wristband with your contact information on it. This will help security find parents to reunite them with their misplaced little ones.

    Sun Safety

    Bring your sunglasses and sun block- you’ll be glad you did. You may bring in your own bottled water (limit two 20 ounce bottles per patron) as long as the packaging is still factory sealed. Bottled water is available for purchase at the Festival. Shade tents and misting tents are available for you to relax in at the Festival. Eclipse glasses will be available on-site to purchase for $2 as well.

    Adult Habits

    You may bring your cigarettes and lighters with you. There are smoking areas located inside the beer garden, as well as other designated areas on the property. Smoking is permitted in designated areas ONLY. See the online Festival brochure for details.

    What is prohibited on Festival grounds?


    No knives, guns, swords, explosives, or other weapons of any kind. No chains or chain wallets. No acceptions. We have a trained security team that will be on Festival grounds for the entire event.

    Outside Food & Beverages

    With the exception of factory sealed water bottles (limit two 20 ounce bottles per patron), no personal food or beverages are permitted inside the Festival Gates. This includes Camelpacks and bota bags. You are free to come and go between your camping sites and the Festival Gates throughout the day and the schedule allows plenty of opportunities to go between if you are wanting to grab something from your RV or tent in between shows. There is also food onsite available for purchase throughout the day.


    Coolers are not permitted inside the music venue. Please leave them in your vehicles or campsite.


    Pets are not allowed inside the Festival. Animals are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be left inside vehicles; this applies to both the camping area and the parking lot. It is far too hot. Please leave animals at home where they are comfortable.

    Can I bring my service animal?

    Service animals are defined as dogs, by the ADA, that are independently trained to do work or perform duties for people with disabilities. Service dogs will be allowed to enter with their owner. Service animals must be cared for and under the control of their handler at all times. Pets that provide comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals and will not be allowed in the Festival. Please contact us for more information if you have a service dog.


    NO CAMPFIRES and NO FIRE PITS, with or without covers, propane or otherwise. This should go without saying, it’s August in the middle of a field, after all.

    Obnoxious & Illegal Alcohol Consumption

    This is a family Festival. For the safety and enjoyment of others, Festival attendees may not over consume alcohol or bring outside alcohol into the music venue, if you do so, your weekend with us is over. You will be ejected from the Festival. You must be of legal drinking age to consume alcohol on the Festival grounds. Please read our complete alcohol policy.


    No drugs or drug paraphernalia, if you bring them onto the property, your weekend with us is over. You will be ejected from the Festival.

    Recording Devices

    Audio and video recording are strictly prohibited, this includes your GoPro. SLR cameras, as well as all other cameras with a removable lens, both film and digital are not allowed inside the Festival.

    Visual Obstructions

    Flags, you wouldn’t want that waving in your field of view while you’re watching a show either. Tents, keep ‘em in your camping area. Umbrellas (parasols if you’re feeling extra fancy,) you can shade yourself between acts but you must put it away when the artist or MC takes the stage if you are in the VIP area. We’ve provided shade tents for you to relax in at the Festival. Certain types of seating, sand chairs, reclining chairs, double or extra wide chairs, high back chairs, and blankets may not be used for VIP seating on Festival grounds. Finally, posters, it’s great that you want to share your love- just don’t do it on anything that’s larger than an 11 x 17 sheet of paper.


    We have a zero-tolerance cruising policy. With the darkness of country nights, dusty roads, unpredictable furrows and fans walking on the Festival roads, there is no room for tooling around in the back of your pickup with your buddies. Consider the safety of everyone around you. First time offenders will receive a warning and their vehicle will be flagged in our system. If you’re argumentative, non-compliant or caught a second time, your wristband will be cut and you’ll be asked to leave.


    Camping Vehicle FAQ

    Festival Box Office Phone: (208) 680-8988

    How do I get an Extra Vehicle Pass?

    Call the Festival Box Office at (208) 680-8988; Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. Up to two passes may be purchased by the person who owns the campsite only, no one else.

    My friend is just coming to visit for a little while. Do they really need a pass?

    Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if it’s five minutes or five hours, no pass = no entry.

    Can I buy a pass for my friend’s site?

    No. Extra vehicle passes can only be purchased by the campsite owner.

    Why are you being so mean?

    It’s about safety. People are in the camping area to camp, they didn’t come out to sleep in a parking lot. Sleeping in parking lots is not safe, trust us.

    I’m towing my car behind my RV. Do I need an extra vehicle pass?

    No. Put the letter size placards that came in your camping packet in the window of your RV. Put the Camping Vehicle Pass sticker on the lower left of your windshield.

    I’m hauling my fifth wheel with my truck. Do I need an extra vehicle pass?

    No. Put the letter size placards that came in your camping packet in the window of your fifth wheel. Put the Camping Vehicle Pass sticker on the lower left of your windshield.

    My buddy and I are riding our motorcycles in, can we share a space?

    Yes. Two motorcycles may park in one space.

    What if I leave my car in GA Parking overnight?

    It’ll be towed. Day ruined.


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    6103 W Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402


    Contact Us
    Brandon Holland

    Every time Brandon Holland picks up his guitar and sings, he is grateful for the chance to use his talents to inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams. He is reminded each day that he lives out the same dream once shared by his musician father who passed away when Brandon was only five years old. Another influential relative was Brandon’s grandfather who gave him his first guitar and introduced him to the work of legends such as Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, and Fats Domino. Holland also found inspiration on his own listening to the soulful sounds of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. His passion for music heightened as he learned to play the cello and began playing on the drumline for his school’s marching band. To build upon this foundation and advance his career, Brandon relocated to Nashville, TN. Soon after, he released his first EP, “Man in The Moon.” Over the next four years, Holland drove many miles traveling across the United States visiting hundreds of radio stations. He has played at several fairs and festivals opening for artists including Florida Georgia Line, Dwight Yoakam, Bucky Covington, Frankie Ballard, Jo Dee Messina, and Casey James. It was during his time on the road that Holland was inspired to write for his latest EP “Born to Roll.” From this came the single “Blame it on the Whiskey,” which gave Holland opportunities to play as direct support for artists like Kellie Pickler, David Lee Murphy, and Lo Cash. Throughout his career, Holland has had a continual flow of ideas and concepts for new songs. Whether it’s a season of hardships or a season of triumphs, he manages to take what’s on his heart and convey it on pen and page. Currently, Holland is excited to bring to life some of his newest and freshest songs for the release of his third independent record.

    Brandon Holland Music Download the new single, “Backwards Hat now!


    For Luke Kaufman, Chris LeDoux set the standard for what “Cowboy Music” should and could sound like, winning over cowboy and non-cowboy fans all across the country through the entirety of his career. Luke knew music was his passion. He started out paying his dues playing behind rodeo arenas and in parking lots for his friends and family after rodeos and bull ridings across the Southeast.

    After high school and through college, his passion for music stayed the same, and from then on things really picked up for the Carolina Cowboy.

    In January of 2010, “Cowboy Baller”, Luke’s first album, was released with the help of Ledfurd Recurds and has swept the rodeo and bull riding world. The music can be defined as, true cowboy songs that are coming from the perspective of a real-life cowboy. All the songs from the album are first-hand accounts from Kaufman’s life as a cowboy. The October 2012 release of Kaufman’s second album, “Beyond The Bunkhouse” showed his versatility, creativity and maturation, all while sticking to his cowboy roots. Luke has shared the stage with well-known songwriters from Nashville to PBR Superstars such as Justin McBride and Colby Yates. One thing is for certain, you’ll be hearing Luke Kaufman’s music in and around the rodeo and bull riding world for years to come.

    Luke Kaufman Music


    The Wayne Hoskins Band

    The Wayne Hoskins Band is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Wayne’s music is described as “edgy, driving and elegant.” The Wayne is made up of five talented musicians, each bringing different elements of creativity to the band. The band has written and recorded a number of songs over the years.
    Down to earth, yet powerful, frontman Dustin Wayne explains, “These are not your typical songs; these (songs) are from our lives and experiences. They are real words and real emotions.” R. Readance, music critic, wrote, the songs of The Wayne are “brilliant and will find a home in the hearts of listeners from every walk of life.”
    The Wayne’s live show is full of energy and passion, always leaving fans wanting more. According to the Salt Lake City Weekly, “The sound has that mix of early 90’s anthems and newer ballad driven work, perfect for large crowds and the ever persistent bic-lighter-held-high moments.”
    With influences ranging from Johnny Cash, Keith Urban, and Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Wayne falls into a cross-genre of sorts; compared to Zac Brown Band, Keith Urban all the way to The Fray and Daughtry.

    The Wayne Hoskins Band Site


    Michael Waggett has been performing, writing and recording since he was 15 years old. Growing up, he first recognized his talent for singing and music after he was selected to perform a soulful solo for his high school chorus concert. After this experience, Mike quickly recognized that he was most “at home” on stage and whenever possible, he would listen to many different genres of music: Pop, R&B, Gospel and Country. Each of these genres influenced Mike’s heartfelt singing and songwriting style.
    Michael has toured with a national gospel play and has appeared performing on numerous television shows. He considers each of the experiences a great privilege and thanks God for blessing him with the talent and opportunity. Lately Michael has been staying busy splitting his time between his North Carolina hometown of Wilmington, and Los Angeles, CA. While living in LA, Mike had a chance meeting with Bob Marley’s son Rohan who introduced him to music producer Damon Elliott three years ago. After writing and recording several pop R&B songs with Damon, he has been collaborating steadily with various music producers.
    In addition to Mike’s enormous passion for music, he is a talented voiceover artist, tv host, emcee, actor, and improv comedian. Born and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina, Mike has a B.A. in Communications from the University of North Carolina. He maintains the attitude that if you want to live your dream, you gotta give it everything you’ve got. Other than that, Michael loves root beer, spending time with his family, and going to the beach.

    Michael Waggett Homepage


    A local Idaho Falls, Idaho band, Severed Ties is made up of four members, mixing a unique blend of rock, a touch of country, and even a little blues-grass. Their sound creates a sonic blend that crosses the boundaries of any genre. Band members have opened for many artists across the music industry, including Alice Cooper, Korn, Great White, Skid Row, Poison, Saving Abel, Bret Michaels Band, Rev Theory, and Salt Lake City, Utah band Royal Bliss.

    Music influences include Seether, Aaron Lewis, Three Days Grace, and anyone else who did what they did regardless of genre or care what the rest of the world thought.

    Severed Ties Facebook


    Another local Idaho Falls, Idaho band, Rooke has evolved over the years, losing some members and adding others. Their love and passion for all genres and music has helped them evolve to where they are today. Bands like Tool, Incubus and Collective Soul are a few of their favorites. One thing we know for sure-you will enjoy getting a taste of the sound of the locals!

    Rooke Facebook


    ACM-nominated and Reviver Records hot country duo LOCASH includes Baltimore, Maryland native Chris Lucas and Indianapolis, Indiana’s Preston Brust. Their smash No. 1 hit “I Know Somebody” topped Billboard Country Airplay and Country Aircheck after their RIAA Gold-Certified “I Love This Life” single ascended to the top of the charts. Both hits are included on their new album THE FIGHTERS, their first full-length project with Reviver Records. The nonstop duo continues their North American tour to promote THE FIGHTERS, which includes additional dates part of Live Nation’s ‘Ones To Watch’ headlining tour. LOCASH is also featured in Comcast Built Ford Tough® dealer advertising campaigns and in Pennzoil® Garage sessions.

    Visit LOCASHmusic.com for more information!

    John Michael Montgomery
    Love and Theft
    A Thousand Horses
    Waterloo Revival
    Chris Bandi
    Born into the bluegrass brawn of Kentucky, Carly Pearce has never known a moment that Country music wasn’t her destined path. At the young age of 11 she began touring with a
    small band and by 16 was performing at Dollywood six times a day, five times a week. Over the past eight years in Nashville, the CMT Next Women of Country alum has been blazing her own trail with the depth of her songwriting, more than 30 invitations to play the Grand Ole Opry and joining the bill with notable artists such as Kip Moore, Eli Young Band, Hunter Hayes and Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars. In 2016,Carly earned a coveted opening slot on Kelsea Ballerini’s THE FIRST TIME TOUR and celebrated her first Top 40 hit,“Wasn’t That Drunk,” a sultry collaboration with Josh Abbott Band. Fans and critics have taken notice of her  “earthy, textured voice” (Wide Open Country) with her Top 25-and-rising single “Every Little Thing.” The song has previously been named a “Highway Find” on SiriusXM, which also honored her one of their  “Future Five for 2017.” She is currently an iHeart ON THE VERGE artist, an all-genre initiative showing support for hot newcomers. Rolling Stone Country, The Huffington Post, CountryLiving, Sounds Like Nashville, The Boot, Whiskey Riff and One Country have all named Carly an “Artist toWatch” in addition to being selected as a CMT Listen Up “17 for 2017” artist. Carly will hit the road with Bobby Bones this summer on his FUNNY & ALONE COMEDY TOUR, starting June 30 in Fort Wayne,IN. Currently working on new music for her debut album onBig Machine Records with hit producer busbee (Maren Morris, Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum), 2017 is destined to be Carly’s breakout year. For the latest news and tour dates, follow Carly Pearce on Instagram or visit CarlyPearce.com.